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Delivery Plan and Strategies

To ensure that we can reach our vision for the South of Scotland, and meet the aims of the strategy, we have developed a series of tangible actions that will help us to make the South : fairer, greener and flourishing.

The Delivery Plan looks three years ahead and aims to be flexible in order to adapt to changes and new demands.  It was agreed by the Regional Economic Partnership in November 2021 and was subsequently agreed by Dumfries & Galloway Council, Scottish Borders Council and South of Scotland Enterprise.

Our actions are grouped into the six key themes identified in the Regional Economic Strategy, while cross-cutting actions have also been identified that will support a number of our key themes simultaneously.

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The South of Scotland Cycling Partnership Strategy was launched in September 2022.

It was a key action within the South of Scotland Regional Economic Strategy, and aims to ensure cycling the most popular choice for shorter, everyday journeys in the South by 2032.

The strategy also aims to ensure the region becomes Scotland's leading cycling destination.

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Cycling Partnership Strategy Cover

South of Scotland Cycling Partnership Strategy Annual Review 2023-24

This Cycling Strategy Annual Review 2023-24 (PDF) [4MB] provides a comprehensive overview of the initiatives, projects and partnerships that have propelled the cycling strategy forward. It outlines the investments made in infrastructure, the expansion of cycling networks and the implementation of innovative solutions to enhance the cycling experience and increase participation in both everyday cycling and athlete pathways. Furthermore, it highlights our efforts to integrate cycling into broader rural planning and development frameworks, fostering a holistic approach that promotes active transportation and liveable communities.


As part of implementing the REP Cycling Partnership Strategy and as part of the development work for the Coast2Coast Bike Infrastructure Masterplan (PDF) [1MB] ,  SOSE commissioned Urban Foresight to undertake a piece of work for businesses and communities along the route. Cycling tourism gives an opportunity to deliver new economic opportunities for local communities and businesses and the resulting masterplan maps existing infrastructure and services and identifies opportunities necessary for a high-quality user experience.