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Regional Economic Strategy

Following extensive engagement across the South of Scotland, the Regional Economic Partnership have developed a Regional Economic Strategy - a plan about how we will work together to make the region the best it can be.

It has been developed following a series of consultations which has engaged with over 1,400 respondents from across the South of Scotland. 

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There is also the SOS RES Easy Read version. (PDF) [685KB]

The ten-year strategy sets out a clear vision for how we want the region's economy to look and work in the future, which focuses on making the South of Scotland "Green, Fair and Flourishing".

Our vision is:

"We will be a region of opportunity and innovation - where natural capital drives green growth, ambition and quality of life rivals the best in the UK, communities are empowered and cultural identity is cherished, enabling those already here to thrive and attracting a new generation to live, work, visit, learn and invest in the South of Scotland."

The RES has six Themes which are our priorities.  These are:

•    Skilled and Ambitious People
•    Innovative and Enterprising
•    Rewarding and Fair Work 
•    Cultural and Creative Excellence
•    Green and Sustainable Economy
•    Thriving and Distinct Communities

Why does it matter? 

This is the first ever economic strategy covering the whole of the South of Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders). 
It is a real opportunity to drive the transformational change that many living and based in our region want to see. 
It will also: 

  • Help us collectively establish the South of Scotland as a great place to live, work, visit, invest in and learn. 
  • Play a key role in making sure the region is not left behind. 
  • Seek to address the disadvantages and inequalities facing and within the South of Scotland.


Why now? 

Many of the challenges facing the region are long-standing and need long-term, sustained action to address them. 

As the region looks to recover from the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic; adjust to the UK's exit from the EU; address the climate crisis; and capitalise on new opportunities - the need for a long-term vision to guide and coordinate efforts is more important than ever.

What next?

A Delivery Plan has been developed, aligned to our six Themes, which will outline what we will do to work towards our vision for the South of Scotland.

We are also developing a Measurement Framework - which will accompany the Delivery Plan and track our progress against what we want to achieve with the Strategy.  The Measurement Framework will be developed over the coming months.

What informed the strategy?  

Our strategy has also been shaped by analysis and evidence, alongside extensive engagement which had a strong focus on capturing the voice of young people. A number of technical papers which help summarise this work can be accessed below

SoS - Regional Economic Strategy - Inclusive Growth Evidence Base - July 21 (PDF) [3MB]

SoS - Regional Economic Strategy - Rural Development Review Paper - July 21 (PDF) [449KB]

SoS - Regional Economic Strategy - Stakeholder Engagement Summary - July 21 (PDF) [763KB]

SoS - RES - Policy Context Literary Funding Review - July 21 (PDF) [1MB]